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Quick pieces for a friend’s photo day.

Devil sticks case.

Rabbit moth Muppet

Leather wood and screw bullet rivets collar.

Puppet hands done.

Pony posture ears and plumes.

Testing LED lights. Looks cool. Electronics is sort of new for me. But looks like I’ll need a battery back holder and to see how long this box…

Leather rabbit harness. Real happy how this is coming out. I will be adding LED effects to the fur areas for night time display. Soon I’ll also get…

Rabbit tail for my leather vertebrae. Will attach at bottom base.

When I have lots of feelings I make things. This time rabbit ears to go with the leather spine. Next a tail.

Leather and brass vertebrae

Start of leather vertebrae. 3d leatherwork sculpturing.

Leather bucharian kippah, I wanted to start on my Jewish journey with wearing a hat until I converted, but sometimes hats fall off during dancing and in the…

Leather lion tail harness making bits.

Leather and faux fur Lions tail harness. This was therapy for me working through some things. Got me back into a work head space. I’m looking forward to…

First try at padded future. Leather and wood with padding.

Leather and sheep fur collar.

Leather dreads v.2

Leather hip saddle. First real try for something like this that is not real think leather or just rivets.

Leather stirrup prototype