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Puppet hands done.

Making arms for the puppet.

Armature full size

Wire form armature. Testing needs for new headdress.

Travel Shabbos candle set. Two put away candle holders, herb, wine glass, etc… Had fun machining a little.

I wanted to make my own washboard music instrument. So…I did. Brass, wood, butter dish, bottle opener, and some circle thing that might be useful for a coffee…

Made an antenna for the radio at the house. Reuse recycle.

Pony posture ears and plumes.

New sewing machine means back to doing these pouches. Just playing around right now. No pattern, just eyeballs.

Traveler hat box night stand.

Skinned furbies make the best troop sash. (at Artisan’s Asylum)

Processing plant (at Artisan’s Asylum)

Bunny harness coming out ok. Some adjustments needed.

Testing LED lights. Looks cool. Electronics is sort of new for me. But looks like I’ll need a battery back holder and to see how long this box…

Leather rabbit harness. Real happy how this is coming out. I will be adding LED effects to the fur areas for night time display. Soon I’ll also get…

Bunny tail/back bow. Too large, but the white cord material is made from semi reflective material. It would look very neat with a light backing reflecting off the…

Rabbit tail for my leather vertebrae. Will attach at bottom base.

Projects. Leather fluffy bunny tail and deciding my rope dart needs a cover. My other dart head moves differently than the burn head.

When I have lots of feelings I make things. This time rabbit ears to go with the leather spine. Next a tail.

Leather and brass vertebrae