Quick pieces for a friend’s photo day.

Hobby horses

Hobby horses

Hobby Horse 2

Hobby horses.

Massage Stool

Finished my mobile stool.


Djembe stand

Djembe stand. Folds away. Can drum on it and then use it to hold the drum up when I walk away. Going to be using this in the…

Metal Purse

A metal purse I refurbished. Moved the handle to the bottom for more support at festivals. Also made a tassle so thier cat could have something to play…

Vivarium Top

Vivarium top done!

Vivarium Top

Diy top for vivarium. Rather make than pay for one. And I’m learning more about wood constructions.


Starting back up with teliediscopes

Magic mirror

Starting a project for a magic mirror that moves with a kaleidoscope like effects inside.


Proud at how my vivarium is coming along. I just got my carnivorous plant seeds in. So hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll have those in here…

Devil sticks case.

Putting together a stool from random parts. It’s swivels up and down like one should. I’ll add wheels to it later.

Rabbit moth muppet. Finally getting time to get back to this project.

Rabbit moth Muppet


Leather wood and screw bullet rivets collar.

Fur cape for rabbit/moth. Forgot about shoulders so the cape didn’t come to the front like I wanted.

The cool things I forgot I made.